Thursday, October 29, 2009

corinthian pillar of consciousness

Residual illumination of the collaboration of the obviousness of the truth that a conceptual hyperfuntional construct of our physiological binary compound of our tangible representation of this world. The will of the mind being the implementation of the Corinthian pillar of consciousness that creates a mutual aspersions of massive proportions. But what if those proportions where ultimately and insipidly insignificant? If outside our delegation of rationality,we are just particles of a grater whole and that whole is a massive electrical signal being carried by a neuron thew out the nerves system of the universe. If our entire means of our manipulated existence was to briefly support a sense of a colossal and ambiguous being. If we where an electrical signal,our entire biological evolution and existence through the means of perception of this colossal being would only be an instant and it would not ever know we existed at all. It would show our massive mutual selfishness and accumulation of optimism over the time realizing reality,that the time we spend at the shores of desire and comfort,beyond the clouds is no "spirit of knowledge" but an insipid means of existence.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clockwork of man

Look through the window of an ambiguous and sophisticatedly collaborated longevity of a perceived lifetime. Rationalized by a systematically distributed notion of time that resides indigenously in the massive mutual addiction to rationality that mathematically calculates the unknown. A rationally given by a subconscious stained by civil obedience that has left knowledge itself inconceivably mutated by a mutual civil corruption and primal lust for power. The clock can be a reflection of man. The clock,living out the perpetual occupational obligation given by it's creator and yet it's exceedingly internally sophisticated. The internal clockwork of man living in seemingly mutual civility while he is ignoring subconscious echos of his rationality following him through his bondage of obedience. The obedience given by a professional superior,parents,or god that indistinguishably dictates man as time dictates a clock.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aspiration of suffering

I look at modern culture of medialization to be a perpetual disappointment and as this duplicitely frivolous mind-state continues the more I think we all need a deliberate inconsistency to shake us out of our ignorant and superficial state of complacency, I believe that the human race is something that needs to be enlightened, I believe that we can become something better, we need to learn how to acknowledge what we unconsciously kill and take advantage of, we are all slaves of the mutual fixations of necessity of the feeble human intellect and the basic human persona. the perpetuation of our ignorance is what creates the vagaries of perception and persevering the discord of the human race. I believe in consciousness beyond biological life but not in the context of an aspiration giving observation or judgement or suffering.I believe that human consciousness can only be perpetuated in a state of mind but that is only the pursuit of happiness by the individual,not cruel judgement form a higher being. The thought of an aspiration created by the human psychology to acknowledge our desire of observation and judgement and to perpetuate the human justification of the universe. In my opinion this is not the case. I think our means of perceptions makes it so that we will never find out why we are here,we live in a world of endlessness the only thing that matters is that you are in the moment,that is the only way we can perceive the world in its best way,but we never will truly perceive the world because everything we sense is just electrical signals interpreted by our brains. The mind is everything,everything is just what our senses are telling us,we will never go beyond what our brains are telling us. We will never know why we are here.

The ambiguous hallucination of our perceptions.

Simple thought is exactly what creates the blatant disregard for basic human decency and creates a detestable image of human influence. Influence is what seeps in to the vary reality of any individual thought and makes your opinion exceedingly unequivocally not requisite of any pertinence. I believe that there is a genius in every one of us. Deep inside of our minds there is something waiting for it's callus exterior to be peeled away and have it's verging intelligence justified. The way to do that is to break our desperate dependency of our material possessions, to find recognition in our own minds, so we all can see past the ambiguous hallucination of our perceptions that is reality. So we can find a place in our minds that is without doubt or hesitation, so we can be like the arrow that springs from the bow. I realize that people who lack physiological individuality of or freedom of thought due to perpetuating ignorance of past generations, but they seem to belong to a demographic of a singular unconscious conciseness that I like to call the common current thought also known as "mainstream". Most of them are inert and hopelessly dependent on the systematically corrupted culture around them. They must relinquish their mistaken sense of identity and forget there residual self image and create something that can exceed there insipid means of existence.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Illusions of power

To establish a requisite intricate intellectual aperaddis that can be used to eradicate indistinguishable obligation to trilateral commissions and ignorance and corruption of the technicalities of society. The world can not be a place of corrupt bureaucrats that are overpowered that deceive in the name of their occupational political obligations. Economic equilibrium must be perpetuated due to the fact of consolidation and weakening of individuals. If not,the small people will be unequivocally dependent on a higher society instead of giving back to consistency of inflation. Political representation of the western economic society are only illusions of the true love for power.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

collaboration of perversity

Applying the nature of biological life to science fiction. look in at the complex machine of life as a perpetual cellular statistic syntheses that is unthought of because of the negligence of justification of ignorance in a "common current thought" or social demographic. Creating fantasy in reality and reality in fantasy, turning a micro biologist in to a robot Doctor or Einstein in to a cyberpunk. Fantasy and reality intertwined to create hypothesis to what is beyond reality. To collaborate the perversity of a systematically corrupted generation that can find a higher consciousness through science and technology to procreate a more complex
"machine of life".

Friday, June 19, 2009

observations on the world around me.

We are told that we live and thrive off material possessions and that we see nothing beyond that. It is bare instinct to kill and have a source of nourishment. That is the only reason why we kill. And that is one of that main ways to maintain a neutral equilibrium with the planet. I am not relating to modern times,I am saying,you kill something,it falls to the ground,the earth can absorb that,and use it again. I am saying that in "the new world",we would do all but through technology,you don't have to kill something to survive. you can use chemical binary compounds to create you own nourishment. Then it would not be a significant enough for it to be necessary to maintain a equilibrium. that is why I want to leave the world to something exceedingly superior to humans,(A.I.)..hence forth leaving the earth to logic,reason,and knowledge. It takes individual thought to create something good in a unindividual world(our world), but then again, if you have a different thought, YOU GET KILLED. A different perspective and greed, are the only two things that can make one person hate one other. And from that you need people like John Lennon, but for example,In the "NEW WORLD" you have to make EVERYONE like John Lennon, because that people that hate him are not like him, so those people can't exist. I said that freewill and individual thought was a burden to the progress and evolution of the human race(in the new world).I have observed how much freewill we reilly have. (ONE) of the main current problems is the government, the government has power over the economy,the economy is the one reason for social mobility,social mobility is what stop you and me and everyone like us to have NO POWER! Freewill is a selfish,materialistic thing that empowers every person to not feel bad about us killing and taking advantage of everything around us. I mentioned that the human race is the example of a virus. Like a cancer of the Earth,we live on the host that we unconsciously are killing. For example if you put a virus in a person would you give that sickness freewill?? Would you let it spread all thorough the body and eventually kill it? So, I just would like you to reconsider how much freewill we really have. God and gods are examples of the human desire to be observed and understood giving us a sense of mortality. Everything is a matter of opinion, you can not make a utopia with material possessions but you can make a utopia with the perspective of the person, that is why I think people have to have ONE perspective. I know how most people cant see past the material possessions rule there life. Personally, I don't care about what people should do. I have thought about what the economy dose to people and what good it is doing. I think the economy should have never been invented because,(logically perceived),the economy is literally stopping human technological advancement, and basic evolution. The two reasons for the economy is social mobility,and the right to have people work for you,now, in one sense they are the same thing because if you have people under you, in a social feudal system you have worked to gain power above them, and that is creating discord in human society. That gives people the right to look down on other people and makes people unequal, and their for, creating hate between two different social classes. And what I mean by it stopping human technological advancement, is that if there was no type of currency, every one would be able to indulge in any technological luxury, no matter what social class they are in because there would only be one. For example, if you take a fancy car, it would not be considered fancy because everyone would have the newest "cutting edge" technology and that would maintain an economic equilibrium. I have no hope of this happening because greed already exists, and people would take advantage. But if money never existed there would only be one reason to fight wars, and that would be individual thought.