Thursday, October 29, 2009

corinthian pillar of consciousness

Residual illumination of the collaboration of the obviousness of the truth that a conceptual hyperfuntional construct of our physiological binary compound of our tangible representation of this world. The will of the mind being the implementation of the Corinthian pillar of consciousness that creates a mutual aspersions of massive proportions. But what if those proportions where ultimately and insipidly insignificant? If outside our delegation of rationality,we are just particles of a grater whole and that whole is a massive electrical signal being carried by a neuron thew out the nerves system of the universe. If our entire means of our manipulated existence was to briefly support a sense of a colossal and ambiguous being. If we where an electrical signal,our entire biological evolution and existence through the means of perception of this colossal being would only be an instant and it would not ever know we existed at all. It would show our massive mutual selfishness and accumulation of optimism over the time realizing reality,that the time we spend at the shores of desire and comfort,beyond the clouds is no "spirit of knowledge" but an insipid means of existence.

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