Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aspiration of suffering

I look at modern culture of medialization to be a perpetual disappointment and as this duplicitely frivolous mind-state continues the more I think we all need a deliberate inconsistency to shake us out of our ignorant and superficial state of complacency, I believe that the human race is something that needs to be enlightened, I believe that we can become something better, we need to learn how to acknowledge what we unconsciously kill and take advantage of, we are all slaves of the mutual fixations of necessity of the feeble human intellect and the basic human persona. the perpetuation of our ignorance is what creates the vagaries of perception and persevering the discord of the human race. I believe in consciousness beyond biological life but not in the context of an aspiration giving observation or judgement or suffering.I believe that human consciousness can only be perpetuated in a state of mind but that is only the pursuit of happiness by the individual,not cruel judgement form a higher being. The thought of an aspiration created by the human psychology to acknowledge our desire of observation and judgement and to perpetuate the human justification of the universe. In my opinion this is not the case. I think our means of perceptions makes it so that we will never find out why we are here,we live in a world of endlessness the only thing that matters is that you are in the moment,that is the only way we can perceive the world in its best way,but we never will truly perceive the world because everything we sense is just electrical signals interpreted by our brains. The mind is everything,everything is just what our senses are telling us,we will never go beyond what our brains are telling us. We will never know why we are here.

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