Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clockwork of man

Look through the window of an ambiguous and sophisticatedly collaborated longevity of a perceived lifetime. Rationalized by a systematically distributed notion of time that resides indigenously in the massive mutual addiction to rationality that mathematically calculates the unknown. A rationally given by a subconscious stained by civil obedience that has left knowledge itself inconceivably mutated by a mutual civil corruption and primal lust for power. The clock can be a reflection of man. The clock,living out the perpetual occupational obligation given by it's creator and yet it's exceedingly internally sophisticated. The internal clockwork of man living in seemingly mutual civility while he is ignoring subconscious echos of his rationality following him through his bondage of obedience. The obedience given by a professional superior,parents,or god that indistinguishably dictates man as time dictates a clock.

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