Friday, January 1, 2010

Optimism Versus Pessimism

The habituation of a perpetually administering stimulus superimposed by a meticulous indignation of a seemingly convalescent reality. Optimism versus pessimism. Each day our replicating quiescence is justified by the cruel means of reality. The alterations of our consciousness is obstructed by the miraculous religious justification of the supercilious but commonplace coincidences of every day life. The resolutely mutual justification of miracles are futile in every scene of our pessimistic reality. The individuals that have a representation of a rational delegation are morally prosecuted for a transgression of optimism. The zealously inert demographic have a sense of moderation in the perceived conditions of the matter. While each fastidious plane of thought creates a confrontational reaction, a delegation of opinion is yet to be influenced in an age of assimilation. If the fortunate occurrence of a delegated opinion is influenced, then there is a likely hood of it being frivolous and transparent to the opposing means of perception. The repression of the delegation of opinion would be immanent and very precise due to the opposite resolute opinion and would become a residual disobedience to the delegation. Or perhaps that's just my pessimism speaking?

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