Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why are we here? The multitude of ideological rationalizations and justifications that are the foundation of masses of people being fixated on the idea of a God figure that is the aspiration that represents universal optimism that most people are fixated upon. Where did these ideological aspirations come from? We are intelligent life, but why do we have to have the support of an aspiration? It could be because we have emotional ambiguities and the unobjectionable fixation to rationalize the conditions around us. What we cannot discover though science we have to justify through fantasies that are replicated out of the delusional articulation of the universe. If anything, these ideological justifications are the obvious foundation of conflicting ramifications and have failed to reach an ideological utilization, but only ends with consistent belligerency between religions. That should be substantial evidence that humanity is destructive amongst each other for something that accumulates fear in the temporal subconscious that is expressed by deliberate belligerent behaviour amongst the opposing intellectual spectrum. The masses collaborate ideologies over something that is ambiguous and ambiguity creates fear, and fear creates conflict of interests of the central spectrum of thought. Perhaps fear is the reason for the perpetual belligerency and the foundation for the massive likelihood of a rationalization in each individuals mind because every individual has fear and fear is what forces the articulation of delusional and irrational justifications that eventually lead to collaborative ramifications that lead to a manifestation of belligerency that goes perpetually without relinquishment.


  1. How verbose. Why is that many philosophers believe that philosophy is exclusively for the educated? This is somewhat apparent in the way they write. Surely you could not expect the layman to understand the point of this article. Yes...I do understand that English is a languiage with very specific, descript words, however in this case you have used multiple syllable words in a large volume to say very little. For example: what would the "collaborative ramifications" be? Further, what exactly is your layman's terms?