Thursday, February 4, 2010

God Is Dead

"God is dead" thus Nietzsche spoke, my interpretation of this insinuation is not the simple statement spoken by a atheistic nihilist, but a derogatory utterance of God being dead meaning the transgression of optimism by entering a state of complacency that fabricates temporal compression on massive demographics of people that are "hopeless" in every sense of the word. Thus it becomes the aspirational obligation of the prophet Zarathustra to strike the nucleus of this systematic neurosis that has particular emphasis on the profoundest depths of humanity. This realization of God's death incorporates a metamorphosis in the prophet and cures a selective multitude of individuals. If God died, what would that do to your unobjectionable affinity for optimism that you so passionately justify the universe with? I believe that the central spectrum of people chose to believe in God because of the inevitable ramifications of facing the suffering that every individual is obligated to endure in a life consistent to fluctuation. God is the aspiration that people use to rationalize and justify the ambiguous universe that we can only wonder and hypothesize the reason why we are all here. The Human consciousness is the neutralization of this persistent philosophical manifold of utilized ideas about the secrets that lie within the depths of humanity. Thus we preach amongst each other in the futile effort to establish an ultimate truth. The theological demographics of cerebral activity are obligated to collaborative ramifications that have residual belligerency. Two conflictive intellectual spectrums create a irrefutable manifestation of assiduous speculation towards each opposing delegation of the common current thought. They both distinguish the distinctive difference from each other through an intricate structure of duplicity. Singular stability of mutual aspirations to implement a meticulous distribution of thought. This replicates fixations of requisite exposition of a perceived justification of the external stimulus. Your beliefs may be opposed, but if your passionate about them you will defend them.

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